Energy Transfer

Energy Transfer

While you can technically get away with just having your generators directly next to your machines, that isn't a very good idea. These are all the ways to move RF from one place to another.

Fluxducts are cheap and easy. Just lay a path from the source to the destination, and power can go through them.

Energy Laser Relays are a bit more complicated. They transfer RF wirelessly and can be much faster than Fluxducts, but are harder to set up.

Energy Crystals are also wireless, and are by far the fastest way to transfer RF. They're also much more expensive, which means these will probably be fairly late-game.

Energy Tesslocators have multiple tiers. Advanced Energy Tesslocators are wireless and don't require connections or direct line of sight.


Fluxducts are used to transfer energy.

Place a line of Fluxducts along the path you want it to move, starting at the source and ending at the destination. You can have multiple sources and destinations per line. You can use the Crescent Hammer to sever unwanted connections.

Fluxducts can only carry a certain amount of RF over a given time frame. This is measured in RF/t, RF per tick. A tick is the rate the game runs at, with 20 ticks per second without lag.
![Leadstone Fluxduct](item:thermaldynamics:duct_0 1 0)
Leadstone Fluxducts are the most basic; they can only transfer 1,000 RF/t per connection. Each Leadstone Fluxduct also can store 5,000 RF.
![Hardened Fluxduct](item:thermaldynamics:duct_0 1 1)
Hardened Fluxducts can transfer 4,000 RF/t per connection. Each Hardened Fluxduct also can store 20,000 RF.
![Redstone Energy Fluxduct](item:thermaldynamics:duct_0 1 2)
Redstone Energy Fluxducts can transfer 9,000 RF/t per connection. Each Redstone Energy Fluxduct also can store 45,000 RF.
![Signalum Fluxduct](item:thermaldynamics:duct_0 1 3)
Signalum Fluxducts transfer 16,000 RF/t per connection. Each Signalum Fluxduct also can store 80,000 RF.
![Resonant Fluxduct](item:thermaldynamics:duct_0 1 4)
Resonant Fluxducts transfer 25,000 RF/t per connection. Each Resonant Fluxduct also can store 125,000 RF.
![Cryo-Stabilized Fluxducts](item:thermaldynamics:duct_0 1 5)
Cryo-Stabilized Fluxducts transfer an infinite amount of RF/t, limited only by the pushing power of the source. They do not have any internal RF storage.

![Crescent Hammer](item:thermalfoundation:wrench)
The Crescent Hammer acts as a wrench. It can rotate most blocks, sever Duct connections, and instantly break Ducts if sneak right clicked.

Energy Laser Relays

Energy Laser Relays can wirelessly transfer RF.
![Laser Wrench](item:actuallyadditions:item\_laser\_wrench)
To connect Laser Relays, right click on both of them with a Laser Wrench.

RF can come in and out of any Relay in the network. There is also a slight energy loss between the input and output of the network, so what you get out will be slightly less than what you put in. This is only between the inputs and outputs though, the amount of relays that only connect to other relays does not matter.

![Energy Laser Relay](item:actuallyadditions:block\_laser\_relay)
Basic Energy Laser Relays can transfer 1,000 RF/t.
![Advanced Energy Laser Relay](item:actuallyadditions:block\_laser\_relay\_advanced)
Advanced Energy Laser Relays can transfer 10,000 RF/t.
![Extreme Energy Laser Relay](item:actuallyadditions:block\_laser\_relay\_extreme)
Extreme Energy Laser Relays can transfer 100,000 RF/t.

If you have a lower tier Relay between two higher tier ones, the transfer rate of the lowest will be used.

Energy Crystals

Energy Crystals can wirelessly transfer RF.
You can connect Crystals using the Crystal Binder. Sneak right click the Crystal Binder on a Crystal to bind it to that Crystal, and then right click on all the other Crystals you want it to be connected to.

There are three tiers of Energy Crystal. Each tier increases the amount of RF they can store, as well as the amount of connections they can have. Even the basic Crystals can move at least 25,000 RF/t.

![Basic Energy I/O Crystal](item:draconicevolution:energy_crystal 1 3)
RF enters and exists the system through Energy I/O Crystals. By default they will pull from the block they are placed on. Sneak right click the I/O Crystal with an empty hand to set to output instead. I/O Crystals have the least number of possible connections.

![Basic Energy Relay Crystal](item:draconicevolution:energy_crystal)
Energy Relay Crystals have the highest amount of links, so they should be used to connect I/O Crystals.
The thicker the beam, the more RF/t is being transfered through it


![Basic Wireless Energy Crystal](item:draconicevolution:energy_crystal 1 6)
Wireless Energy Crystals can transfer RF from the network to machines in the world. Use the Crystal Binder to connect it to the RF source (I/O or Relay Crystals) and then sneak right click on the machines you want to power. If energy can only be inserted on certain sides of a machine, bind it to that side.

# Energy Tesslocators

Energy Tesslocators come in two tiers: Basic and Advanced.

![Basic Energy Tesslocator](item:tesslocator:basic\_energy\_tesslocator)
Basic Energy Tesslocators allow you to move energy over extremely short distances. They also store a small amount.
They can only move items 1 block away


Basic Energy Tesslocators can store 32,000 RF, and extract energy at 2,048 RF/t.

You can have more than two Tesslocators in a single block space. Energy will try to split equally.
The Tesslocator at the top is set to Output


Place Tesslocators in the same block space on each block you want to interact with. Right click to swap between input and output modes.

![Advanced Energy Tesslocator](item:tesslocator:advanced\_energy\_tesslocator)
Advanced Energy Tesslocators allow you to move energy wirelessly over any distance.

Advanced Energy Tesslocators can store and extract energy at 4,000,000 RF/t.

To connect Advanced Energy Tesslocators together (since they aren't in the same block space anymore), hold two dyes in both hands and right click the Tesslocator.

To toggle between input and output mode, sneak right click the Tesslocator with an empty hand.

Energy Storage

It isn't good enough to simply generate and use power. Storing it is very important as well, in case you occaisonally have to use more RF than is being made. There are several ways to store RF in this modpack.

![Energy Cell](item:thermalexpansion:cell)
Energy Cells can be set to input and output from specific sides. You can upgrade it with Upgrade Kits to store more. The Basic Energy Cell can store 2,000,000 RF, and the max tier can store 50,000,000 RF.

![Battery Box](item:actuallyadditions:block\_battery\_box)
Battery Boxes can charge and discharge whatever Battery is in them. You can put a Battery in and out just by right clicking it on the Battery Box.
This has a Quintuple Battery in itbattery_box.png

![Energy Storage Core](item:draconicevolution:energy\_storage\_core)
The Energy Storage Core is a multiblock structure that stores a massive amount of RF. The first tier stores 45,500,000 RF, and the max tier can store 9,223,000,000,000,000,000,000 RF.

![Energy Core Stabilizer](item:draconicevolution:particle_generator 1 2)
Energy Storage Cores require a bit more work to set up than Energy Cells and Battery Boxes. Place the Energy Storage Core block at the center of where you want the multiblock to be, and then place 4 Energy Core Stabilizers around it on the same y-level. Open the Energy Storage Core's GUI and you can choose its tier, and you can toggle the Build Guide on and off. When everything is set up, click Activate.

To move RF in and out of the Energy Storage Core, place an Energy Pylon within 16 blocks of the Core and place a block of Glass either above or below it, depending on if the Pylon is below or above the Core. Connect power to these. To toggle between input and output, right click on the sphere.

Transfer Over Distance

Advanced Energy Tesslocators are fairly confusing to use, and aren't in a lot of modpacks. This page will teach you how to wirelessly transfer energy in a more complex but reliable way.


At your main base, connect power to an Energy Infuser (or any other machine that charges items). Then, place an Ender Chest nearby. Connect Itemducts to two sides of the Ender Chest, and one side of the Energy Infuser.

Place a Servo that's at least Reinforced tier on the connection closer to the Energy Infuser, and a Retrieiver on the other.


In the Servo, set a whitelist for an empty Energy Cell and set it to ignore Redstone. This will send empty Energy Cells to the Energy Infuser to fill up.


In the Retriever, set a whitelist for a **full** Energy Cell and set it to ignore Redstone. This will pull the full Energy Cell from the Energy Infuser and insert it into the Ender Chest.

Those are Signalum-Plated Impulse Itemducts connecting the Energy Cell to the Fluxductsdischarging.png

At the location you want to use the RF, place another Ender Chest. Connect an Auto-Placer and an Auto-Breaker to it using Itemducts.


Place a Retriever on the Auto-Placer and set a whitelist for full Energy Cells. This will make it pull full Energy Cells from the Ender Chest and place it in the world, where you can use Fluxducts or other pipes to pull RF out.


Place a Servo on the Auto-Breaker and set a whitelist for empty Energy Cells. Also set the Auto-Placer to Redstone Mode: Pulse by clicking it with a Redstone Torch.

Place a Comparator facing away from the Energy Cell and immediately invert the signal, and return that to the Auto-Placer. That way, it will break the Energy Cell when it is out of RF.

Now, Energy Cells will fill at your base, move to where you want to use it, empty itself into machines, and then return to refill when needed. You can put multiple Energy Cells in to make sure you're never without power as well.