Fluid Transfer

Fluid Transfer

Some machines require fluids to work, which means you'll have to move the fluids from one place to another. This chapter is dedicated to that.

Fluiducts have multiple tiers and can have whitelists and filters.

Fluid Laser Relays are wireless and instance but more complicated to set up.

Fluid Tesslocators are fairly quick but only move fluids over one block.


Fluiducts are used to transfer fluids.

Place a line of Fluiducts along the path you want it to move, starting at the source and ending at the destination. You can use the Crescent Hammer to sever unwanted connections. Place a Servo on the connection to the source.

By default, the Servo will only extract while given a Redstone signal, but you can set it to work always.

![Regular Fluiduct](item:thermaldynamics:duct_16 1 0)
Regular Fluiducts cannot transfer fluids that are too hot or too cold, and are fairly slow.
![Hardened Fluiduct](item:thermaldynamics:duct_16 1 2)
Hardened Fluiducts can transfer all fluids.
![Signalum-Plated Fluiduct](item:thermaldynamics:duct_16 1 4)
Signalum-Plated Fluiducts can carry all fluids, as well as transfer 4,000 RF/t per connection.
![Super-Laminar Fluiduct](item:thermaldynamics:duct_16 1 6)
Super-Laminar Fluiducts are one of the quickest way to transfer fluids. They work best when fluid is being pushed into it by the source rather than being pulled out with a Servo.
It takes a couple seconds to pressurize, but they will transfer at hundreds of buckets per second at max speed.

![Crescent Hammer](item:thermalfoundation:wrench)
The Crescent Hammer acts as a wrench. It can rotate most blocks, sever Duct connections, and instantly break Ducts if sneak right clicked.

Fluid Laser Relays

Fluid Laser Relays are wireless and can transfer essentially an infinite amount of fluid per tick.

The Fluid Laser Relays moved over 2 billion mB instantly


![Laser Wrench](item:actuallyadditions:item\_laser\_wrench)
To connect Laser Relays, right click on both of them with a Laser Wrench.

![Fluid Laser Relay](item:actuallyadditions:block\_laser\_relay\_fluids)
Right click with a Compass to toggle between Push, Pull, and Both.

# Fluid Tesslocators

![Basic Fluid Tesslocator](item:tesslocator:basic\_fluid\_tesslocator)
Fluid Tesslocators allow you to quickly move fluids over extremely short distances.
They can only move fluids one block away


Fluid Tesslocators will move 8,000 mB every 0.8 seconds.

Place Fluid Tesslocators in the same block space on each block you want to interact with. Open its GUI to change its settings.

The center button allows you to change between input, output, and input/output modes. Fluids will move from output-mode blocks to input-mode blocks.

The left slots are filters you can set by inserting filled Buckets or Item Filters to whitelist what fluids can come in or out.

You can insert Glowstone into the first slot on the right to make it work more often, up to 8 to make it work once per tick.

You can insert Diamonds into the second slot on the right to make it move more fluid at once, up to 3 to make it send 32,000 mB at a time.