Most tech mods add their own ways to generate RF using materials.

[It would be a good idea to store RF instead of just generating and using it. Click here to go to the Energy Storage page.](guide:../transportation/energy/storage)
Change what sides are input and output by clicking the Configuration button in the menuenergycell.png

Generators make RF at a specific rate, measured in RF/t (RF per tick). A tick is the rate the game runs at, with 20 ticks per second without lag.

Thermal Expansion Generators

All the generators added by Thermal Expansion are called Dynamos. You can pipe items and/or fluids into them from any side except the coil (the thin bit) unless you have an Augment: Transmission Coil Ducting installed on the Dynamo, and RF can be pulled out from the coil.
Dynamos, like most other Thermal Expansion machines, come in tiers. Higher tiers generate RF faster. They don't make MORE RF, they just take less time to make the same amount. To increase the tier of a Dynamo, right click it with an Upgrade Kit of the next tier, or a Conversion Kit of the tier you want to jump to. The tiers in order are as follows:

Dynamos will constantly generate RF if they have fuel, even if they don't have anywhere to put it. You can install the Augment: Excitation Field Limiter to make them stop working when full to prevent fuel from being wasted.

The names of the Dynamos below are links to their respective wiki page.

![Steam Dynamo](item:thermalexpansion:dynamo 1 0)
[Steam Dynamo](
Generates RF using solid fuel and water.

![Magmatic Dynamo](item:thermalexpansion:dynamo 1 1)
[Magmatic Dynamo](
Generates RF using hot fluids.

![Compression Dynamo](item:thermalexpansion:dynamo 1 2)
[Compression Dynamo](
Generates RF using fluid fuel and coolant.

![Reactant Dynamo](item:thermalexpansion:dynamo 1 3)
[Reactant Dynamo](
Generates RF using fluid fuel and a solid reactant.

![Enervation Dynamo](item:thermalexpansion:dynamo 1 4)
[Enervation Dynamo](
Generates RF using Redstone or discharging items.

![Numismatic Dynamo](item:thermalexpansion:dynamo 1 5)
[Numismatic Dynamo](
Generates RF using currency.

#Actually Additions

These are all the generators added by Actually Additions.

![Solar Panel](item:actuallyadditions:block\_furnace\_solar)
Solar Panels generate 8 RF/t when it has direct sight to sunlight.

![Heat Collector](item:actuallyadditions:block\_heat\_collector)
Heat Collectors generate 40 RF/t when it is touching at least 4 Lava source blocks. It has a chance of destroying one of them every so often, however.

![Leaf-Eating Generator](item:actuallyadditions:block\_leaf\_generator)
The Leaf-Eating Generator breaks Leaves within 7 blocks of itself, generating 300 RF per block.

![Bio Reactor](item:actuallyadditions:block\_bio\_reactor)
The Bio Reactor generates RF from plant matter in its inventory. The larger variety of items, the more RF is generated.

![Oil Generator](item:actuallyadditions:block\_oil\_generator)
The Oil Generator can make RF from Canola Oil. There are several tiers of Oil you can use, which have a fairly complicated process to make. Click the page at the top to read more.
Note that this isn't necessarily the best way to build this.


Canola Oil

First things first, you'll want to farm some Canola. You can use any farming blocks you want.

Next, put the Canola into a Canola Press to make Canola Oil. In the Oil Generator, Canola Oil generates 80,000 RF at 40 RF/t, or you can continue processing the Oil to make it better.
The Canola Press will automatically push Canola Oil into any fluid containers that are touching itpress.png

Move the Canola Oil into a Fermenting Barrel (you can just put the Fermenting Barrel directly next to the Canola Press) and it will turn into Refined Canola Oil, which generates 192,000 RF at 80 RF/t.
The Canola Press works faster than the Fermenting Barrel, so you may want to use multiple. If using Fluiducts, also use Filters to prevent the Refined Canola Oil from going through those pipesfermenting.png

Next, make some Crystallized Canola Seeds by putting regular Canola Seeds in front of an Atomic Reconstructor.
The Hovering Hourglass works as a timer, it has 2 Sand in it so it powers the Automatic Precision Dropper every 2 secondscrystallized_seed.png

Drop this in a pool of Refined Canola Oil. In the picture, a Comparator is being used to check if the Fluid Placer has at least 1,000mB of Refined Canola Oil in it. If it does, it powers 2 Redstone Dust which are connected to one half of a vanilla Redstone AND gate. The other half is powered by a Hovering Hourglass with 4 sand in it, for 4 seconds. If both are on, it powers the Fluid Placer and the Automatic Precision Dropper, pauses, then powers the Fluid Collector.
This is fairly complicated, so you can just try to copy the photo.crystallized_oil.png
Crystallized Oil generates 560,000 RF at 100 RF/t.

For the last steps, put a Crystallized Canola Seed on an Empowerer and surround it with 4 regular Canola Seeds. This will make an Empowered Canola Seed.

Drop this in a pool of Crystallized Canola Oil, the same way as the Refined Canola Oil.
Empowered Oil generates 960,000 RF at 120 RF/t.

Industrial Foregoing

![Pitiful Fuel Generator](item:industrialforegoing:pitiful\_fuel\_generator)
The Pitiful Fuel Generator is extremely cheap. It can only burn wooden items, and generates 11,250 RF per item at 15 RF/t (for Planks and Logs, Sticks and Slabs make less).

![Petrified Fuel Generator](item:industrialforegoing:petrified\_fuel\_generator)
The Petrified Fuel Generator can burn any furnace fuel. 1 Coal generates 60,000 RF at 80 RF/t.

![Biofuel Generator](item:industrialforegoing:biofuel_generator)
The Biofuel Generator generates RF using Biofuel, which is made in the Bioreactor. The Bioreactor uses RF and plant matter to generate Biofuel. The larger variety of items used makes more Biofuel. 1 bucket of Biofuel generates 640,000 RF at 160 RF/t.

![Protein Generator](item:industrialforegoing:protein_generator)
The Protein Generator generates RF using Protein, which is made in the Protein Reactor. The Protein Reactor uses RF and animal matter to generate Protein. The larger variety of items used makes more Protein. 1 bucket of Protein generates 1,280,000 RF at 320 RF/t.