Most tech mods add their own ways to generate RF using materials.

[It would be a good idea to store RF instead of just generating and using it. Click here to go to the Energy Storage page.](guide:../transportation/energy/storage)
Change what sides are input and output by clicking the Configuration button in the menuenergycell.png

Generators make RF at a specific rate, measured in RF/t (RF per tick). A tick is the rate the game runs at, with 20 ticks per second without lag.

Thermal Expansion Generators

All the generators added by Thermal Expansion are called Dynamos. You can pipe items and/or fluids into them from any side except the coil (the thin bit) unless you have an Augment: Transmission Coil Ducting installed on the Dynamo, and RF can be pulled out from the coil.
Dynamos, like most other Thermal Expansion machines, come in tiers. Higher tiers generate RF faster. They don't make MORE RF, they just take less time to make the same amount. To increase the tier of a Dynamo, right click it with an Upgrade Kit of the next tier, or a Conversion Kit of the tier you want to jump to. The tiers in order are as follows:

Dynamos will constantly generate RF if they have fuel, even if they don't have anywhere to put it. You can install the Augment: Excitation Field Limiter to make them stop working when full to prevent fuel from being wasted.

The names of the Dynamos below are links to their respective wiki page.

![Steam Dynamo](item:thermalexpansion:dynamo 1 0)
[Steam Dynamo](
Generates RF using solid fuel and water.

![Magmatic Dynamo](item:thermalexpansion:dynamo 1 1)
[Magmatic Dynamo](
Generates RF using hot fluids.