Item Transfer

Item Transfer

A lot of automation requires moving items from one place to another automatically. This chapter is dedicated to that.

Itemducts have multiple tiers and can have whitelists and filters.

Item Laser Relays are wireless but more complicated to set up.

Item Tesslocators are the fastest, but can only move items one block.


Itemducts are used to transfer items.

Place a line of Itemducts along the path you want it to move, starting at the source and ending at the destination. You can use the Crescent Hammer to sever unwanted connections. Place a Servo on the connection to the source.

By default, the Servo will only extract while given a Redstone signal, but you can set it to work always.

![Itemduct](item:thermaldynamics:duct_32 1 0)
Regular Itemducts are the most basic with the lowest maximum item speed at half a block per second.
![Signalum-Plated Itemduct](item:thermaldynamics:duct_32 1 4)
Signalum-Plated Itemducts are identical to Itemducts, but can also transfer 4,000 RF/t.
![Impulse Itemduct](item:thermaldynamics:duct_32 1 2)
Impulse Itemducts have a much faster transfer speed at 2 blocks per second.
![Signalum-Plated Impulse Itemduct](item:thermaldynamics:duct_32 1 6)
Signalum-Plated Impulse Itemducts function identical to Impulse Itemducts, but can also transfer 4,000 RF/t.

All Itemducts can connect to Itemducts of different types.

![Crescent Hammer](item:thermalfoundation:wrench)
The Crescent Hammer acts as a wrench. It can rotate most blocks, sever Duct connections, and instantly break Ducts if sneak right clicked.

# Priority

Itemducts will try to travel the shortest path by default. Each Itemduct between the origin and the destination adds 1 to the path length. You can use Dense and Vacuum Itemducts to change the priority of destinations.

![Dense Itemduct](item:thermaldynamics:duct_32 1 0 {DenseType:1b})
Dense Itemducts will add 1000 to the path. Destinations past a Dense Itemduct will usually be the lowest priority.

![Vacuum Itemduct](item:thermaldynamics:duct_32 1 0 {DenseType:2b})
Vacuum Itemducts will *remove* 1000 from the path. Destinations past a Vacuum Itemduct will usually be the highest priority.


Item Laser Relays

![Item Laser Relay](item:actuallyadditions:block\_laser\_relay\_item)
Item Laser Relays are wireless and can transfer items as quickly as you can provide them.
Items that are being sent from an Item Laser Relay float up out of it, and items being received float down into it


![Laser Wrench](item:actuallyadditions:item\_laser\_wrench)
To connect Laser Relays, right click on both of them with a Laser Wrench.

![Item Interface](item:actuallyadditions:block\_item\_viewer)
Items can only interact with the storage network through Item Interfaces. Place Item Laser Relays on the blocks that you want to store the items and then place an Item Interface where you want to interact with the network (say, where you want to insert items). Place another Item Laser Relay on the Item Interface, and connect them all with the Laser Wrench.
You can extract from the storage network using Item Interfaces too!


Item Laser Relays have a priority system. Items will try try to go to the inventory of the **highest** priorty first, and if it can't go into that one it will go to the inventory of the next highest. If there are multiple inventories with the same priority, items will go into the nearest one.

![Advanced Item Laser Relay](item:actuallyadditions:block\_laser\_relay\_item\_whitelist)
There are also Advanced Item Laser Relays that can have whitelists/blacklists. Right click one to open its GUI. There you can set what is allowed to enter the inventory it's placed on with the slots on the left, and you can set what is allowed to exit with the slots on the right. You can click the S block to quickly set the list to whatever's currently in the inventory.

Item Tesslocators

![Basic Item Tesslocator](item:tesslocator:basic\_item\_tesslocator)
Item Tesslocators allow you to quickly move items over extremely short distances.
They can only move items 1 block away


Item Tesslocators will move 1 stack every 0.8 seconds, cycling through each slot of the inventory it is placed on. This is extremely useful for when items are being inserted and extracted from the same inventory at the same time, so it moves every slot instead of just the first couple.

It works with Itemducts too! You may have to right click the Itemduct with a Crescent Hammer to connect it.

You can have more than two Tesslocators in a single block space. If no filters are used, items will try to split equally.
The Tesslocator at the top is set to Outputmultiple.png

Place Tesslocators in the same block space on each block you want to interact with. Open it's GUI to change the settings.

The center button allows you to change between input, output, and input/output modes. Items will move from output-mode inventories into input-mode inventories.

The left slots are filters you can set by inserting items or Item Filters to whitelist what items can come in or out.

You can insert Glowstone into the first slot on the right to make it work faster, up to 8 times to make it work once per tick.

You can insert Diamonds into the second slot on the right to make it move more stacks at once, up to 3 to make it send 4 stacks at a time.