Other Information

Other Information

This chapter is dedicated to miscellaneous things that need explanations but don't fit in any of the other chapters.

Glossary of Important Terms

A modpack is a prebuilt collection of mods. Different modpacks can have different mods or have something special about them.

A kitchen sink modpack is just a bunch of mods thrown together with no major gameplay changes. The name comes from the phrase "everything but the kitchen sink."

An expert modpack has been configured to be harder in some way. Usually this is done by changing the recipes for items so you have to go through a longer, more difficult progression.

RF (Redstone Flux) and FE (Forge Energy) are the most common names for the universal energy system used by most technology mods. They are interchangable, along with μI (microinfinity) from EnderIO which is not in this modpack. RF transfer is usually measured in RF/t (RF per tick)

A chunk is a 16 wide and 16 long segment of blocks reaching from the very bottom to the very top of the world. You can hold F3 and tap G to see the boundaries of chunks.

Ticks are the rate that the game runs. Optimally, a tick is 1/20th of a second. Lag can cause this to increase, lowering the tick rate. You can use the command "/forge tps" to see the current tick rate of each dimension.


The mod Tomb Many Graves makes it so that when you die, a Player Grave is placed in the world at the location you died. You can return to it and sneak while standing on it to return all the items you had in your inventory to their original places.

When you respawn, you will have a Death Inventory List that will tell you everything you had in your inventory when you died, as well as where your grave is. When you get nearby, holding the Death Inventory List will point you in the direction of your grave.
The brighter the smoke, the closer you are to your grave


Journeymap creates a deathpoint at the location you died, so you can easily find it. You can see it in the minimap and world map, as well as looking like a regular waypoint in the world.


These commands are just useful for general play. These commands may be disabled depending on the server, or you may need special permissions (or cheats enabled if in single player) to use them.

"/back" will teleport you to where you last died, but only once per life.

"/tpa [player]" will request to teleport yourself to that player, and if they accept you will be teleported to them.

"/sethome [name]" will set the point you are standing on as a home of that name, and "/home [name]" will teleport you there from anywhere else. Every player has their own homes and cannot teleport to each other's.

"/setwarp [name]" and "/warp [name]" work like homes, except everyone can teleport warps.

"/shrug" will display "¯\\\_(ツ)\_/¯" in chat, which is extremely useful.

"/nick [nickname]" will change your username to the nickname in chat. "/nick" by itself will reset it to your actual username.

"/cofh tps" will show you the ticks per second in each dimension. 20 TPS is optimal, and the lower that value is, the laggier that dimension will be.

"/cofh friend gui" will open the GUI for Thermal Expansion friends, which are used in conjunction with Signalum Security Locks to allow players on the list to access locked machines. You can also use "/cofh friend add [player]" or "/cofh friend remove [player]" to do it directly from chat.

Text Font

FTB Academy (and most other FTB modpacks) includes the mod Smooth Font, which helps make the font look better. It also changes the default font from the blocky text to something smoother (by default, Verdana).

You can hit the Home key to open the Smooth Font settings menu, where you can select any other font to use, including the regular vanilla blocky font.