Other Transfer


These are for blocks that move things that aren't energy, items, or fluids. This means things like Redstone, Players, and Mobs.

Viaducts move players from one place to another.

Structuralducts don't move anything but can connect all ducts, which is useful for Redstone Inlays.

Conveyor Belts can move items, entities, and fluids and have several upgrades that change their behavior.


Like other Ducts allow you to transfer items, energy, and fluids, Viaducts allow you to transfer yourself! Players move through Viaducts at 10 blocks per second.

Place a line of path of Viaducts along the route you want people to travel. Right click a Viaduct with a Crescent Hammer to open it, allowing players to enter and exit through it to/from other openings.

Click on the opening and choose your destination to travel to it, so long as it's in the same Viaduct system.
Click the Config button in the GUI to change the name and icon for that opening.

Long Range Viaducts are twice as fast as regular Viaducts, which make them very good for movement over long distances.
You cannot open Long Range Viaducts, and you can't have intersections. Place a line with exactly two destinations, and place a Long Range Linking Viaduct on either end. Right click the Linking Viaducts to complete that segment.
Connect regular Viaducts to the Linking Viaducts, and they will function as expected. If you choose a destination on the other end of the Long Range Viaducts, you will be transported to the Linking Viaduct before going through them to the other end, and then from there you will be transported to your destination.


Structuralducts don't transfer anything, but connect to all other Ducts (aside from Cryo-Stabilized Fluxducts and Viaducts).

They are very useful for Redstone Inlays, which allow you to transfer Redstone signals through a Duct network. Since Structuralducts connect to all kinds of Ducts, you can put one Redstone Inlay on an Itemduct and another on a Fluiduct for instance. You can also just put both on Structuralducts to have freestanding Redstone cables.

Covers are placed on Ducts to disguise that side as the block you used to craft the Cover. You can dismantle a Cover by clicking it inlay.png

Conveyor Belts

Conveyor Belts can move items, entities (like mobs), and even fluids in the direction that they are facing.
![White Conveyor Belt](item:industrialforegoing:conveyor)

![Extraction Conveyor Upgrade](item:industrialforegoing:conveyor_upgrade)
![Insertion Conveyor Upgrade](item:industrialforegoing:conveyor_upgrade 1 1)
By default, the only thing that they do is move entities. They do not pull items out of or insert into inventories. To do this you need Extraction and Insertion Conveyor Upgrades, respectively.

By default, items that are on Conveyor Belts can be picked up by any player that walks too close. You can right click Plastic on the Conveyor Belts to upgrade them, making it so that items won't be picked up.
You can also use Glowstone to speed them up!

There are several other upgrades you can use to change the way that they work.

![Splitting Conveyor Upgrade](item:industrialforegoing:conveyor_upgrade 1 6)
The Splitting Conveyor Upgrade allows you to move a fraction of input onto other Conveyor Belts. On the belt that you want to split, put Upgrades in all the directions you want it to go. Right click it with an empty hand to open it, and you can set the weight of that direction. So for instance, if it goes in two directions and they are both of weight 1, there is a 50% chance of going in either direction. If one of them has a weight of 2 and the other has a weight of 1, the first one has a 66% chance and the second has a 33% chance.

![Dropping Conveyor Upgrade](item:industrialforegoing:conveyor_upgrade 1 4)
The Dropping Conveyor Upgrade will make make the Conveyor Belt drop items below it, either into the world or into the inventory below. You can open it to set a whitelist or blacklist of what is allowed to go through.

![Detection Conveyor Upgrade](item:industrialforegoing:conveyor_upgrade 1 2)
The Detection Conveyor Upgrade will make the Conveyor Belt output a Redstone signal when an entity passes over it (be it an item or a mob). You can right click the Upgrade to open its GUI, where you can set a Blacklist or Whitelist of items or mobs to set it off. To set mobs, trap one in a Mob Imprisonment Tool and put that in the list.

This Blinking Upgrade is set to move 3 forward and 3 upblinking.png
![Blinking Conveyor Upgrade](item:industrialforegoing:conveyor_upgrade 1 5)
The Blinking Conveyor Upgrade will teleport any entity that passes over it (including mobs and players) a defined distance forward and up. Click it to set its horizontal and vertical distance, as well as an optional whitelist/blacklist. It does not teleport fluids.

![Bouncing Conveyor Upgrade](item:industrialforegoing:conveyor_upgrade 1 3)
The Bouncing Conveyor Upgrade will launch entities that are on it through the air. You can open it to set its vertical and horizontal strength, as well as an optional blacklist/whitelist.

They work with Fluids too!