Most mods add a lot of items, which means storing is a bit of a hassle. This chapter is dedicated to showing off the different methods of storing items.

## [Storage Drawers](guide:storage_drawers)
Storage Drawers is good for storing a large amount of single items.

## [Iron Chests](guide:iron_chests)
Iron Chests are good for storing a large amount of multiple items.

## [Refined Storage](guide:refined_storage)
Refined Storage allows you to store a massive amount of a huge variety of items digitally. It also allows you to automatically input, output, and craft items.

## [Fluid Storage](guide:fluid)
There are several different mods that allow you to store fluids.

## [Other mods](guide:other)
There are also several smaller mods that allow you to store your items.

Storage Drawers

Storage Drawers is a mod that allows you to store massive amounts of single items.
Right click an item on the face of a Drawer to store it, or double right click to store all of that item in your inventory at once. Left click to take out one item, or sneak left click to pull out a stack.

![Basic Drawer](item:storagedrawers:basicdrawers)
The Basic Drawer can store 32 stacks of a single item.
![Basic Drawers 1x2](item:storagedrawers:basicdrawers 1 1)
The 1x2 Drawer can store 16 stacks of a single item in each of its compartments.
![Basic Drawers 2x2](item:storagedrawers:basicdrawers 1 2)
The 2x2 Drawer can store 8 stacks of a single item in each of its compartments.
![Half Drawers 1x2](item:storagedrawers:basicdrawers 1 3)
There are also half block versions of multi-compartment Drawers, which hold half their normal amount.

![Compacting Drawer](item:storagedrawers:compdrawers)
The Compacting Drawer will show the item in each form. If it crafts from a 3x3 and can craft into something with a 3x3 recipe, both will show here. This is great for storing metals. Storage Upgrades will apply to the largest version, so a Storage Upgrade (V) will allow you to store 32 times more Blocks of Iron, for instance

![Drawer Controller](item:storagedrawers:controller)
The Drawer Controller will allow you to access all connected Drawers within 12 blocks. It essentially acts like a single Drawer that has all the items in every connected Drawer.


You can sneak right click on the face with an empty hand to open the Drawer's menu, where you can see the amount of items stored, as well as any upgrades installed.

Upgrades can do special things to the drawer, generally like increasing the amount of items it can store. The Upgrade's tooltip will tell you what it does, but they'll be glossed over here as well.

![Storage Upgrade (I)](item:storagedrawers:upgrade_storage)
Storage Upgrades will increase the maximum storage by a factor of the normal amount. Higher tiers will increase the amount by more. You do not need the previous tier to use a high tier, meaning you can have 7 max tier Storage Upgrades (which would store 224 times the normal amount) if you wanted to.
![Storage Downgrade](item:storagedrawers:upgrade\_one\_stack)
The Storage Downgrade will do the opposite, setting the max storage to 1 stack.
![Status Upgrade (I)](item:storagedrawers:upgrade_status)
Status Upgrades will add a bar to the face of the Drawer to show how much it has. The first tier will only light up when it's full, and the second tier will partially light up depending on how full it is.
![Vpod Upgrade](item:storagedrawers:upgrade_void)
The Void Upgrade will destroy incoming items if the drawer is full. This is useful for when you're storing a disposable item that you're getting a lot of, like Cobblestone.
![Redstone Upgrade](item:storagedrawers:upgrade_redstone)
Redstone Upgrades will make the Drawer emit a Redstone signal depending on the amount of items it stores.

There are some other items that are useful for Drawers.

![Quantify Key](item:storagedrawers:quantify_key)
The Quantify Key will show the exact amount of the items stored.

![Drawer Key](item:storagedrawers:drawer_key)
The Drawer Key will lock the Drawer to that item, so even if it runs out it will not be able to fill up with anything else.

![Personal Key](item:storagedrawers:personal_key)
The Personal Key will make it so that only you can interact with the Drawer. Pipes and other automation will still be able to, however.

![Concealment Key](item:storagedrawers:shroud_key)
The Concealment Key will hide the item.

You can use these keys by either right clicking them on the Drawer, or right clicking on a Drawer Controller to apply it to all connected Drawers.

Iron Chests

Iron Chests is a mod that adds several tiers of Chests, each of which store more than the last.
The Iron Chest has 6*9 slots.
The Gold Chest has 9*9 slots.
The Diamond, Crystal, and Obsidian Chests have 12*9 slots.

The Crystal Chest is transparent, so you can see what's inside.
The Obsidian Chest resists explosions.

It also adds the same tiers for Shulkers of all colors.

Fluid Storage

![Portable Tank (Basic)](item:thermalexpansion:tank)
Portable Tanks store fluids, even when broken. Use a Crescent Hammer on it to toggle auto-output. When it's in auto-output mode, it will automatically try to push the fluid into whatever container is directly beneath it, like pipes or machines. You can sneak right click the Crescent Hammer on the Portable Tank to break it instantly.

The Basic Portable Tank stores 20 buckets and can be upgraded to hold more with Upgrade Kits. You can also enchant them with Holding to multiply the amount that they can store.

![Ender Tank](item:enderstorage:ender_storage 1 1)
Ender Tanks of the same color combination share contents. You can change the color combination by clicking on the white parts on top with dyes. Fluids can be inserted into one and taken out of the other.

You can click the dial to toggle if it automatically outputs to the bottom fluid container.

You can use a Diamond on the dial to set it private. A private Ender Tank will only connect to other private Ender Chests of the same color combination placed by the same player.

![Black Hole Tank](item:industrialforegoing:black\_hole\_tank)
The Black Hole Tank can store up to 2,147,483,647mB of a single fluid.


![Common Backpack](item:simplybackpacks:commonbackpack)
Simply Backpacks adds 4 tiers of Backpack. You can set a keybind to open it from anywhere in your inventory, including Bauble slots.

You can set another keybind that makes it so that when specific items are picked up, they are automatically inserted into the backpack. Sneak right click on the Backpack to set its whitelist/blacklist.

![Small Storage Crate](item:actuallyadditions:block\_giant\_chest)
The Small Storage Crate has 9*13 slots available. The Medium Storage Crate has 2 pages of this, and the Large Storage Crate has 3. Click the arrows on either side of the storage to move between pages.
![Storage Crate Keeper](item:actuallyadditions:item\_crate\_keeper)
If you have a Storage Crate Keeper in a Storage Crate, it will retain its contents when broken. The Keeper is destroyed in doing this.

![Ender Chest](item:enderstorage:ender_storage)
Ender Chests of the same color combination share inventories. You can change the color combination by clicking on the white parts on the top with dyes. Items can be inserted into one and taken out of the other.
You can use a Diamond on the latch of an Ender Chest to set it to private. A private Ender Chest will only connect to other private Ender Chests of the same color combination placed by the same player.

![Ender Pouch](item:enderstorage:ender_pouch)
The Ender Pouch can be bound to an Ender Chest by sneak right clicking on it. When the Ender Pouch is opened, it will open the inventory of the bound Ender Chest.

![Strongbox (Basic)](item:thermalexpansion:strongbox)
The Strongbox has multiple tiers, higher tiers storing more items. Upgrade the tier with Upgrade or Conversion Kits. You can also enchant it with Holding to increase its storage. The first tier has 18 slots, and the highest tier has 90.
Items remain in the Strongbox when broken. You can break it instantly by sneak right clicking a Crescent Hammer on it.

![Satchel (Basic)](item:thermalexpansion:satchel)
The Satchel has multiple tiers, higher tiers storing more items. Upgrade the tier through crafting (hit U over the item to see its recipes). You can also enchant it with Holding to increase its storage. The first tier has 9 slots, and the highest tier has 45.
You can sneak right click the Satchel to open a Filter. Items will enter the Satchel instead of your inventory according to the filter if Auto-Collect is enabled. Hover over the Satchel in your inventory and hold Shift to see the keybind to enable Auto-Collect.

![Satchel (Void)](item:thermalexpansion:satchel 1 100)
The Satchel (Void) works like the Satchel, except it instantly deletes any item that enters it. This can be useful if you set it so Cobblestone or other trash blocks are auto-collected and destroyed.

![Black Hole Unit](item:industrialforegoing:black\_hole\_unit)
The Black Hole Unit can store up to 2,147,483,647 of a single item.

![Black Hole Label](item:industrialforegoing:black\_hole\_label)
The Black Hole Label can be placed on Black Hole Units to make it function like a Storage Drawer. Punch it to extract items, right click to insert.

![Black Hole Controller v2.0](item:industrialforegoing:black\_hole\_controller\_reworked)
The Black Hole Controller v2.0 can store up to 12 Black Hole Units/Tanks, which can interacted with via pipes or other automation as if they were placed in the world.