Tool List

Tool List

![Pickaxe](item:tconstruct:pickaxe 1 0 {TinkerData: {Materials: ["wood", "iron", "cobalt"]}})
Pickaxes function as you'd expect. They mine hard blocks like Stone.

![Shovel](item:tconstruct:shovel 1 0 {TinkerData: {Materials: ["wood", "iron", "cobalt"]}})
Shovels also function as you'd expect. They dig soft blocks like Dirt.

![Hatchet](item:tconstruct:hatchet 1 0 {TinkerData: {Materials: ["wood", "iron", "cobalt"]}})
Hatchets chop Wood and cut through Leaves. They also are effictive weapons against Shields.

![Mattock](item:tconstruct:mattock 1 0 {TinkerData: {Materials: ["wood", "iron", "cobalt"]}})
Mattocks act like hoes, but can also dig through Wood and Dirt.

![Kama](item:tconstruct:kama 1 0 {TinkerData: {Materials: ["wood", "iron", "cobalt"]}})
Kamas can be right clicked to harvest and replant all crops in an area, as well as shearing sheep.

![Scythe](item:tconstruct:scythe 1 0 {TinkerData: {Materials: ["wood", "iron", "cobalt", "manyullyn"]}})
Scythes break plant blocks in an area, and right clicking will harvest and replant crops. It also has a wider range for attacking multiple mobs at once.

![Hammer](item:tconstruct:hammer 1 0 {TinkerData: {Materials: ["wood", "iron", "cobalt", "manyullyn"]}})
Hammers mine hard blocks in a 3x3 area without modifiers. It is also an effective weapon against undead monsters.

![Excavator](item:tconstruct:excavator 1 0 {TinkerData: {Materials: ["wood", "iron", "cobalt", "manyullyn"]}})
The Excavator digs soft blocks in a 3x3 area without modifiers.

![Lumberaxe](item:tconstruct:lumberaxe 1 0 {TinkerData: {Materials: ["wood", "iron", "cobalt", "manyullyn"]}})
The Lumberaxe chops down an entire tree at once.

![Broadsword](item:tconstruct:broadsword 1 0 {TinkerData: {Materials: ["wood", "iron", "cobalt"]}})
Broadswords are a basic weapon, not specializing in anything.

![Longsword](item:tconstruct:longsword 1 0 {TinkerData: {Materials: ["wood", "iron", "cobalt"]}})
Longswords do more damage but swing slower. You can also hold and release right click to leap forward.

![Rapier](item:tconstruct:rapier 1 0 {TinkerData: {Materials: ["wood", "iron", "cobalt"]}})
Rapiers do less damage but swing much faster, and ignores armor. Right clicking will make you hop back.

![Battlesign](item:tconstruct:battlesign 1 0 {TinkerData: {Materials: ["wood", "iron"]}})
Battlesigns do less damage but can be used as a shield that reflects projectiles. Cactus as a material is extremely effective.

![Frypan](item:tconstruct:frypan 1 0 {TinkerData: {Materials: ["wood", "iron"]}})
The Frying Pan has increased knockback. You hold right click to charge up a powerful attack that does extra damage and knockback, as well as cooking any drops.

![Cleaver](item:tconstruct:cleaver 1 0 {TinkerData: {Materials: ["wood", "iron", "cobalt", "manyullyn"]}})
Cleavers do more damage but swing slowly, and have a chance of beheading mobs.

![Arrow](item:tconstruct:arrow 1 0 {TinkerData: {Materials: ["wood", "iron", "slimeleaf_blue"]}})
Arrows are fired from Bows. Heavier arrows have a shorter range than light arrows. Damage modifiers should be applied to Arrows, not Bows.

![Shortbow](item:tconstruct:shortbow 1 0 {TinkerData: {Materials: ["wood", "iron", "cobalt"]}})
Shortbows are faster and more accurate.

![Longbow](item:tconstruct:longbow 1 0 {TinkerData: {Materials: ["wood", "cobalt", "iron"]}})
Longbows are slower, but have higher damage and longer range.

![Bolt](item:tconstruct:bolt 1 0 {TinkerData: {Materials: ["wood", "iron", "slimeleaf_blue"]}})
Bolts are fired from Crossbows. They do a very large amount of damage and penatrate armor.
To make Bolt Cores, pour the molten material that you want the head to be made out of onto an Arrow Shaft.

![Crossbow](item:tconstruct:crossbow 1 0 {TinkerData: {Materials: ["wood", "cobalt", "iron"]}})
Crossbows take a long time to load, but do a very large amount of damage.

![Shuriken](item:tconstruct:shuriken 1 0 {TinkerData: {Materials: ["wood", "iron", "cobalt", "manyullyn"]}})
Shurikens can be thrown quickly and have a fair range. The ammo count is based on the durability, so if you put Unbreaking X on it it will have infinite ammo.