Changing App Settings

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Game Settings

The settings listed under Game Settings allow you to edit how the game is run.

Window Size

Changing the values under Window Size will set the default window height and width of Minecraft

Keep Launcher Open When Game Starts

This option allows you to keep the vanilla launcher open after you press play, this is useful if you want to restart the modpack you are playing or for debugging purposes

Custom Arguments

The custom arguments field allow you to enter custom Java arguments that will be used when you start the modpack.

App Settings

Download Threads

This slider changes the amount of files that can be downloaded at the same time.

Download Speed

This slider will allow you to limit the download speed of modpacks

Cache Life

The Cache Life slider adjusts how long data downloaded by the app will be stored before it is deleted. The cache is used for helping in speeding up downloads of modpacks as it will check if a mod is stored in the cache of the app before attempting to download the mod.

App Info

The information listed under here is helpful if you are reporting an issue or a bug with the launcher as you may be requested to provide this information when asking for help.

UI Version

The UI Version indicates the current version of the UI used in the app. If you find an issue or bug with how the app looks you may be asked for this.

App Version

App Versions indicates the version of the application that manages the installing and launching modpacks. If you have issues with installing modpacks or have issues with starting an installed modpack this information would help us with debugging the app

License Information

The License Information link will take you to a page that lists the name and license of any modules that have been used to create the application.

Upload App Logs

This button will upload the application logs to and copy the link to your clipboard. This is mostly used for debugging purposes.