FTB Quests 1.12

FTB Quests is a simple, lightweight and team-based questing mod

Frequently Asked Questions

Why are there no quests when I download this mod? This mod doesn't add any quests on it's own, y...

How to use - For players

First, join or create a team by clicking My Team button in inventory, top-left corner. You can sk...

How to use - For modpack creators

To become an editor, type /ftbquests editing_mode command (You don't have to have cheats enabled ...

Shortcut Keys

Ctrl+Left mouse button on quests to select them Hold Shift key to place quest off-grid Click ...

Task Types

Reward Types

Task Screens

Task Screens are blocks that connect tasks with world They are bound to single task and display ...

Reward Tables


Loot Crates

Loot Crates are items that when broken by right-clicking, will give you loot. Usually there are...

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