Frequently Asked Questions

Why are there no quests when I download this mod?

This mod doesn't add any quests on it's own, you need to add them yourself or play a modpack that already has quests created.

I want to create or edit quests with this mod, how do I do it?

Visit For Modpack Creators page for info.

How can I submit power or other quests that don't have items?

Make a Task Screen block, select it's task, and connect cables/pipes.

How can I reset or force complete quests?

Run /ftbquests editing_mode and right-click on quests you want to change.

Or, if you want to change progress for another player, enter editing mode, right-click on quest, Copy ID and run

/ftbquests change_progress reset|complete <team_id> <quest ID>

How to use Ore Dictionary items?

Create a regular Item Task, right-click on the task and click Convert to Ore Dictionary item.

Can I import quests from Better Questing?

Yes. Add FTB Quests Importer to your mods folder and follow it's instructions. It's not guaranteed to work 100% but it should port most of quests. This mod is not made or maintained by me, so report issues with it to mod author.

I have more questions!

You can join my Discord server and ask there