FTB Ranks



Rank format

This page is super WIP! In fact, it's just a literal copy of discord messages I wrote on my server, proper documentation will come later.

Files can be found in <world directory>/serverconfig/ftbranks

FTB Ranks format: (current version anyway)
  "member": {
    "name": "Member",
    "power": 1,
    "condition": "always_active",
    "ftbchunks.max_claimed": 40,
    "ftbchunks.max_force_loaded": 10
  "vip": {
    "name": "VIP",
    "power": 50,
    "ftbchunks.max_force_loaded": 15
  "admin": {
    "name": "Admin",
    "power": 1000,
    "condition": "op",
    "command.ftbranks": true,
    "ftbchunks.max_claimed": 100,
    "ftbchunks.max_force_loaded": 50
  "alien": {
    "name": "Alien",
    "power": 100,
    "condition": {
      "type": "not",
      "condition": {
        "type": "dimension",
        "dimension": "minecraft:overworld"
    "command": false,
    "command.say": true,
    "command.msg": true
  "senior": {
    "name": "Senior",
    "power": 100,
    "condition": {
      "type": "playtime",
      "time": 3,
      "time_unit": "weeks"
power determines which rank is the strongest, if multiple are applied for the same player and two permissions are conflicting.
condition determines how rank is applied. If none specified it will only be applied if you /ftbranks add <player> <rank>.
always_active condition means it will always be applied, is used for default ranks and usually lowest priority/power.
op ranks are applied when user is /op (or on singleplayer when you have cheats enabled). 
Some other conditions will be dimension, location, spawn, ftbchunks:claimed_chunk (but most of them aren't done yet)
There will be some logical conditions too, like not, and, or, and xor to combine multiple conditions
And lastly, there will be playtime condition with time and time_unit properties to auto-promote ranks. Valid time units are ticks, seconds, minutes, hours, days, weeks.