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FTB Academy

FTB Academy is a modpack dedicated to teaching new players how to play modded Minecraft. We w...


FTB Academy The World

Biomes The mod Traverse is installed, which adds a lot of new biomes to the world. Here are some...

Gear, Weapons, and Tools

FTB Academy

Gear, Weapons, and Tools This chapter is dedicated to showing off items added by mods. Tinkers'...


FTB Academy Your Interface

Journeymap At the top right corner of the screen, you can see a minimap. This shows your surroun...


FTB Academy Your Interface

Just Enough Items The mod Just Enough Items adds everything boxed in yellow. On the right, you c...

FTB Mods

FTB Academy Your Interface

FTB mods Everything in the top left corner is added by FTB mods, like FTB Utilities, FTB Quests,...

Your Interface

FTB Academy Your Interface

Your Interface Modded Minecraft naturally has a lot of differences from unmodded (vanilla). One ...


FTB Academy The World

Structures A lot of mods add structures that you can find around the world. Floating Islands T...


FTB Academy The World

Ores There are a lot of extra ores added by mods.You can hit R on them in your inventory or in t...

The World

FTB Academy The World

The World A modded Minecraft world generates a lot differently than a vanilla, unmodded one. The...


FTB Academy Quests

Quests Like the guide, but with less reading The quest menu is opened by clicking this button...


FTB Academy Twilight Forest

Bosses The progression in the Twilight Forest is linked to bosses. Each boss spawns in its own b...

Highland Bosses

FTB Academy Twilight Forest

Highlands bosses If you have not defeated the Ur-Ghast, Hydra, and Snow Queen, the Highlands wil...

Ice Bosses

FTB Academy Twilight Forest

Ice bosses Alpha Yeti This is what the Yeti Lair looks like on the Magic Map The Alpha Yeti ...

Swamp Bosses

FTB Academy Twilight Forest

Swamp bosses Minoshroom This is what the Labyrinth looks like on the Magic Map The Minoshroo...

Forest Bosses

FTB Academy Twilight Forest

Dark Forest bosses Knight Phantoms This is what the Goblin Knight Stronghold looks like on the ...

Starter Bosses

FTB Academy Twilight Forest

Starter bosses Naga The Naga will show up as this on the Magic Map The Naga is a giant snake...

Twilight Forest

FTB Academy Twilight Forest

The Twilight Forest The Twilight Forest is a new dimension to explore, full of new animals, mo...


FTB Academy

Magic While tech mods usually go hand in hand with each other, being mostly combinable with each...

Building Gadgets

FTB Academy Building Gadgets

Building Gadgets Building Gadgets is a mod by Direwolf20 that adds several tools that make build...